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Concrete Being Remixed with Environment in Mind

A product relatively unchanged for two centuries is being tweaked to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide. If the environment interests you and you want to continue reading this article follow the link below https://www.nytimes.com/2009/03/31/science/earth/31conc.html

Concrete Info

Lightweight Concrete Information Advantages & Features Lightweight When compared with structural grade concrete, vermiculite concrete is 15% of the weight. This results in considerable savings from the footings through the structural steel. Insulation Vermiculite concrete has excellent insulating properties. Three inches of vermiculite concrete is equivalent to 1-1/2 inches of rigid board insulation layered over […]

How Concrete is Made

Have you ever wondered how concrete is made? Well, this article describes all the details you need to know about making concrete! In its simplest form, concrete is a mixture of paste and aggregates, or rocks. The paste, composed of portland cement and water, coats the surface of the fine (small) and coarse (larger) aggregates. […]